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Lab Guided Pheasant Hunts

Experience pheasant hunting with Rooster Raisers

"Some of the highest caliber hunting anywhere."

We make every attempt to ensure that each client has the highest quality upland game bird hunting experience. From our trained working labs to our guides, our goal is to exceed your expectations. We will even add a little fun to the hunt! If you love to hunt, but don't have the time to train your own dogs, let Rooster Raisers do the work for you.

The Five C's - Reasons To Come On A Guided Hunt

                              1- Connection with nature and our dogs

                              2- Challenge of the hunt

                              3- Competition amongst friends

                              4- Communication with business associates

                              5- Camaraderie with like-minded people

The most popular place we guide at...

Cedar Valley Preserve is the most popular location we guide at from September through April. They offer spectacular scenery, high quality cover that holds up even through April, and fast- flushing upland birds that can nearly stop your beating heart. Contact Cedar Valley Preserve to book a truly  memorable hunt. Remember to request Rooster Raisers as your guide, or any one of their other quality guides, if we are already booked. A hunting license is not required to hunt at Cedar Valley.
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  1. Hunt Checklist
    Brush Pants or Chaps Comfortable Waterproof Leather Boots Durable Performance Socks Game Vest with Orange Safety Color Shooting Gloves Sunglasses / Shooting Glasses Orange Hat and/or Orange Stocking Cap Jacket (light & waterproof) Layered Clothing Based on Climate Your Favorite Shotgun Shotgun Shells (#4,5,or 6) A Snack Water or Gatorade A Great Attitude to Have Fun
  2. Pheasant Facts
    Two week old chicks are capable of short flight A hen will nest up to four times in a season Annual survival rates for pheasants are only 30% Hens lay an average of eleven eggs 35% of chicks die in the first two months of life Pheasants were brought into the US in 1881 Only 2-3% of all pheasants live to be 3 years old The average weight of a rooster is 3.5 - 4 pounds The average weight of a hen is 2-2.5 pounds Pheasants run up to ten miles per hour Pheasants fly up to 45 miles per hour Pheasant tastes great!
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This could be your daily bag
Yes, really.  *^#*!!!
    Sister and brother taking a nap - no we didn't pose them.
                                                 Sasha  &  Jordan